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Legacy Series


The Allison Legacy car is a three-quarter sized replica of a Sprint Cup car and is powered by a four cylinder MAZDA B-2200 truck engine that produces approximately 125 horsepower.  The cars use the standard MAZDA five-speed transmission.

The cars weigh about 1,400 pounds dry but must weigh a minimum of 1,675 pounds with driver to race.  The series is a “SPEC” series designed to minimize your racing costs and place the emphasis on the driver instead of the equipment.

The “Allison Legacy Cars” are excellent equipment for the beginner to get his or her first exposure to racing,” said David Pearson, winner of 105 NASCAR Winston Cup races.  “They are well designed and professionally constructed cars that will give the drivers the same feel and experience they would get from a bigger and more powerful car.”

The Allison Brothers, sons of former NASCAR competitor Donnie Allison, are the creators of the Allison Legacy car.  Rules and National technical inspections are strictly enforced to limit alterations to the basic car. The engines are sealed and can only be rebuilt through Allison Brothers Race Cars.  The engines are resealed before shipment back to the competitor.  Almost all parts are spec and cannot be modified for competition.


The Allison Legacy Touring Series offers a professional to intermediate racing program.  This unique and innovative program attracts drivers, new and old, with or without experience, and has proven to be a valuable stepping stone for drivers looking to further a racing career.

“It’s important to offer a program for everybody who wants to be involved,” explained Kenny Allison.  “We are growing as a series and as a promotional outlet.  Drivers are able to get valuable exposure and experience with our program that can contribute to furthering a racing career.  At the same time, people who want to get into racing just for fun can maintain and operate the car in this series on a minimal budget, and with little or no experience.”

There were 18 Touring Races scheduled for 2011.  Most events were 50 laps. Some were 35 laps and a 200 lapper is scheduled for November 6th at Florence Motor Speedway.  The Touring Series runs at the Kershaw road course and a new track this season is the Motor Mile in Virginia.  There are approximately 100 regional events in different areas around the country.

There is a Touring Series and a growing number of Regional Series for the competitors to choose from. Touring series races are in Tennessee and The Carolinas. Other regions for the series are in New England, the Great Lakes, and in the state of Texas.  All races are sanctioned by CompCar of NC, Inc. and a rigid set of rules are in place and apply to all regions under the direction of area regional dealers and directors. Points systems are in place in each region. Each region has their own purse structure.


There is a Touring Series that runs tracks in the Carolinas and Virginia. All races are sanctioned by CompCar of NC, Inc. and there is a rigid set of rules in place.

Approximate cost per race to campaign an Allison Legacy car is minimal compared to other professional racing series. Tires, fuel, oil and most of the other normal maintenance items associated with a race car plus travel expense sets the cost per race. Once the car is set up to a driver’s particular style or liking it becomes very low maintenance and can be easily serviced by an individual with normal mechanical skills.

The Legacy Series will begin its’ 19th season in the year 2014 and continues a steady climb up the popularity ladder. The Allison Family has taken their experience in the sport and focused it to put the fun back in racing, while promoting a professional, exciting series. For more information on the Allison Legacy Race Series, call (704) 278-0174.